50th LCCN Newsletter

Welcome to the 50th LCCN newsletter! These come to you regularly with updates on what the Network is doing, other developments and, if you tell us, what you’re doing. We’re keen to find contributors who could send us an update (monthly?) on whats happening in their region that may be of interest elsewhere. Please forward this to anyone who may be interested, reminding them that they can get their own copy at:www.lowcarboncommunities.net

Feed in Tariffs and Solar
With much angst from the emerging solar technology industry the government has set the new feed in tariffs (below) which will go ahead from August 1, 2011 and will apply to all new market entrants.
  • >50 kW – ≤ 150 kW Total Installed Capacity (TIC) – 19.0p/ kWh
  • >150 kW – ≤ 250 kW TIC – 15.0p/ kWh
  • 250 kW – 5 MW TIC and stand-alone installations – 8.5p/ kWh

There’s planet of comment out there – see sites such as: www.solarpowerportal.co.uk/blogs/decc_takes_one_month_to_change_nothing_5478/

It’s getting hotter – still!
Climate warming since 1995 is now statistically significant, according to Phil Jones, the UK scientist targeted in the “ClimateGate” affair. Last year, he told BBC News that post-1995 warming was not significant – a statement still seen on blogs critical of the idea of man-made climate change. Now (10th June) he’s updated the figures with 95% plus certainty. See www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-13719510
It gets worse…
By 2050, the coolest summers in the tropics and parts of the northern hemisphere will still be hotter than the most scorching summers since the mid-20th century if global warming continues apace, according to a new study.  Tropical regions in Africa, Asia and South America could see “the permanent emergence of unprecedented summer heat” even within the next decades, said the study, to be published later this month in the journal Climatic Change Letters.

We still want to hear from you – PLEASE!
Thanks to all those of you who have taken the time to fill in the LCCN Annual Survey.  If you’ve not done it yet please do take the time to do so. The information that we get about what you are doing and thinking will help us run the network better (and will hopefully help us find the resources to do that) and we will of course share the results.

Energy Bill: latest from parliament
The latest from Westminster is that the Government may vote against the Warm Homes amendment to the Energy Bill. This will drastically endanger the potential of the Green Deal to be a major driver towards delivering the Climate Change Act. Government says they are not feeling enough pressure to warrant accepting this amendment. So we need your help!
Please help build pressure by e-mailing your MP and if you’ve done it already, ask your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same. If we can build enough support in the next 2 weeks, MPs won’t be able to abandon our simple demand to ensure the Energy Bill includes a concrete plan to reduce emissions from homes and cut fuel poverty.

Please take this quick e-action and demand a better bill today to help stop climate chaos. For more information and to e-mail your MP visit – www.demandabetterbill.org.uk

Energyshare Fund
With 17 days to go until the energyshare fund deadline community groups up and down the UK are rallying support for their renewable energy projects, getting the word out through TV news, local newspapers,facebook, twitter and putting posters up around their town.
The energyshare fund has up to £500,000 available for projects that aim to save energy or generate renewable energy and benefit the local community.
Some of those applying for the fund and rallying support include:
The Portobello & Leith Community Wind Energy group who put a call out for support on the evening news.  You can watch their TV feature here.
The Ratlingate Scouts group are calling for support through their local newspaper.
Sustainable Living in the Heatons are using their energyshare posters on their Facebook page to spread the word.
Not only does local community support help your energyshare fund application, it helps more people get involved in renewable energy and find out ways they can cut their own energy use. And when lots of people work together things can change in a BIG way.
energyshare have put together some top tips for telling people about your project, watch the slideshow here.
Presentations from the energyshare day – online now
Presentations from the recent energyshare day are now online, including the presentation about the enegryshare fund, and talks from community groups discussing how they set up and financed their projects. Clickhere to view.
You can get involved with a group in your area by offering your support.
Take a look at the projects setting up across the UK here – http://www.energyshare.com/groups/
Climate on the curriculum…
Guardian readers will be aware of today’s (13/6) story about schools no longer having to cover climate change (which is apparently only a scientific issue…).
Student group People and Planet are not happy about this – help them with an email see: http://peopleandplanet.org/navid12439

Climate Change and Cities
The C40 group – many of the world’s largest cities committed to action on carbon and climate met in Sao Paulo last week. Some very interesting stories emerged. Their website (www.c40cities.org/news/) has not been updated yet, but their blog has some good stories and videos: http://live.c40cities.org/
Gimme the good news!

Just in case you missed it, around 94% of Italian voters rejected new nuclear power  and around 90% opposed water privatisation in a series of referenda that Berlusconi urged people to boycott…

Wind Power
‘Wind Week’ has just started – not clear on how much is actually happening (update the website please!) See www.embracemyplanet.com for details (and for everything else about supporting wind). On Wednesday there’s the premiere of ‘Oddie’s Oddysey’, a new documentary by Bill Oddie as he visits a range of leading renewables projects – review next week.
UK Climate Map – get yourself on!
The on-line climate map is building steadily, with many groups signing up from last week’s mention in this newsletter. But there’s still many places where we know there’s action n that’s not on. You can load yourself on but if you’d like help drop us an email.
Check the map as it grows at – www.communitymaps.org.uk/ukclimateaction

Workshop: Starting Up a Community Reuse and Resource Centre
“Making Ourselves Unstoppable:  Overcoming the Challenges”
10 – 4pm, 13th July, 2011  Bricks and Bread, Aldershot
This one day workshop  is for anyone starting-up a Community Reuse and Resource Centre. The day is designed to give you the chance to work through the issues you face in setting up your social enterprise with people who’ve done it before and to link into the support you need to make it happen. The morning will start with a tour of Bricks and Bread (http://www.bricksandbread.com/) and an exploration of the challenges in  reuse, repair, remanufacture and retraining. The afternoon will have advice sessions on the issues you face such as making reuse pay its way, choosing the right business structure, getting the logistics right and  partnering with local authorities.There will be plenty of space to  work out your next steps and make sure you are linked in to the support available.

Zero Carbon Britain 2030
Zero Carbon Britain 2030, is a positive, realistic vision for a society without fossil fuels, grounded in the latest climate science. Produced by the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), the report proves that it is possible to completely remove fossil fuels, and starts the debate as to the best route to get there. It demonstrates that society and our quality of life could thrive, whilst keeping Britain’s net greenhouse gas emissions at zero.
For more information click the links below.
Leaflet 1 – 9/07/2011
Leaflet 2 – 16/07/2011

Climate training
Social enterprise Talk Action are running two training courses soon in London:
Climate Change: Effective Communication  (was 17th June – moved to July 15th), and Engaging Communities on Climate Change is on 20th June, both at the Town and Country Planning Association.

Climate Change Speaker Network
UK network of nearly 100 speakers available to give talks on climate change and related topics to schools, societies, faith groups, councils, businesses, etc.
Find who is available in your area on the web site – www.climate-speakers.org.uk

Building LCCN – your help needed
This newsletter now goes out weekly to more than 600 people and groups, but we’d like to get it to many more. You can help!

If you find the newsletter useful , why not forward it to other people you know, either in your group or within  your network. Let them know it comes out weekly, it’s free and all they have to do to get it is to join the network…by sending an email requesting a membership form to – membership@lowcarboncommunities.net

Or you can download the membership form by clicking here.

LCCN Facebook page
Please like the Low Carbon Communities facebook page here.
Tell us your stories
We are very keen to get local news – reports, project launches, meetings etc… Send us the details!

Website: lowcarboncommunities.net                                                          14/06/2011

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