Unintended consequences of a Carbon tax

We all want a carbon tax, right?  It can help us Save The Planet!!

But there are unintended consequences:

Step 1: Government taxes the electricity companies who use gas and coal — Great!

Step 2: Electricity companies put their prices up to cover the tax —  Not so great, but I suppose I’ll pay…

Step 3: Nuclear electricity generators put their prices up to match the new Market Price, … But they haven’t paid the Carbon Tax…

Step 4, Result: Windfall profits for nuclear energy!, effectively subsidised by the Government/Taxpayer (=You and Me)  — That’s not what I wanted at all!!

If you want to stop this situation happening you can write to Treasury Minister Danny Alexander (danny.alexander.mp [at] parliament.uk) and your own MP (huntj [at] parliament.uk), and ask them to:

  1. support Amendment 12 to the Finance Bill
  2. place a windfall tax on nuclear operator’s windfall profits
    which should then
  3. be recycled into the Green Investment Bank

If your MP is not Jeremy Hunt you can find their email address here: http://www.writetothem.com/

There is more background info here.

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