Very bad news

Sorry, I do like to keep posts on this site as Good News stories.

The Transition approach is to focus on the positive improvements that can come to all our lives from living in community, with local food, local jobs, lower energy usage and higher quality of living.

But this story is too big to pass by.

A report by people who study these things closely has concluded that our oceans, and hence everything on land, are in very big trouble:

  • Stressors on the ocean are creating the conditions associated with every previous major extinction of species in Earth’s history.
  • (“The Ocean has already absorbed more than 80% of the heat added to the climate system and around 33% of the carbon dioxide emitted by humans. Ecosystems are collapsing as species are pushed to extinction and natural habitats are destroyed. “)
  • The speed and rate of degeneration in the ocean is far faster than anyone has predicted.
  • Many of the negative impacts previously identified are greater than the worst predictions.
  • Although difficult to assess because of the unprecedented speed of change, the first steps to globally significant extinction may already have begun with a rise in the extinction threat to marine species such as reef-forming corals.
  • Mass extinctions would likely include us

I did say it was bad news. Sorry.

For more information you can read a summary here or the full report here.

What to do next?

“Keep calm and carry on” does seem to be the best advice to begin with. But after that?

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