July 2011 Transition Network Newsletter


~ Conference 2011

~ June’s round up of what’s happening in Transition world
~ US Edition June Round-up
~ Transition spreads through NW London
~ Report on Transition in France
~ Lewes Goes Solar

~ Project Support Survey
~ NICE recruiting community members for health group
~ A third update on the film ‘In Transition 2’
~ Transition Network empowers local groups to promote sustainable issues
~ So, what exactly is a Transition enterprise?

~ New film: ‘Growing Food Locally’
~ Cereals, agroforestry and droughts
~ Top of the Crops

~ Medicine of the Heart
~ Midsummer Night Tales, Black Silky Knickers and a Black Eye
~ When disaster strikes: looting or love?
~ Nigel in Transition
~ BOOKS David Fleming’s ‘Lean Logic’



Conference 2011 
There is only a week to go till our 2011 conference in Liverpool.
Looking forward to the big meet up – still places available.

Conference car share – need or can offer a lift?


June round up of what’s happening in Transition world 
This month starts in Australia with news from Brisbane, Queensland and New South Wales. Then a hop across North America including Canada before a reaching Europs. Several stops in the Netherlands then on to Germany, Ireland, Scotland before ending a tour of England in Totnes.

US Edition June Round-up 
Staring in Vermont with EDAP planning, a Timebank in Pennsylvania, gleaning in Florida, Unleashing in California, reskilling in Michigan and training in Illinois. Plus lots more here

Transition spreads through NW London
Two new Transition Initiatives started up on a wave of enthusiasm and energy this month in northwest London – Transition West Hampstead and Transition Willesden.

Report on Transition in France
A report from Naresh Giangrande on his recent trip to France’s first Transition conference.

Lewes Goes Solar
Last month over £300,000 was raised by Ovesco in Lewes to put solar panels on Harvey’s brewery roof. Now the scaffolding is up and Southern Solar are on site fitting the inverters this week, with the PV frames and panels going on the roof this month. A survey of Ovesco investors indicates that the promise of financial return was not the main reason for investing in locally generated renewable energy. 96% of those contacted in the survey said that they invested for community support and ethical motives. 56% said that financial return was not the main incentive for investing. 74% said they would definitely invest in another Ovesco project. 48% said they would definitely invest in land-based wind turbines. Only 37% sourced their electricity from ‘green’ suppliers – 6% plan to switch to green.


Project Support Survey
We need your input to help us prioritise and shape our work to support Transition Initiatives. This support survey is the most detailed and potentially far-reaching feedback request we’ve undertaken. Please complete the Transition Project Support Survey

NICE recruiting community members for health group
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence are developing guidance on promoting walking and cycling as a form of recreation or travel, and are looking for community members to join a programme development group.

A third update on the film ‘In Transition 2’
There’s so many suggestions in the mix and so much to keep in my head it’s hard to get a sense of where we are. It’s a bit like Transition before the Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP): a beautiful chaos of energy, excitement and a lot of faith that something beautiful will come out of all this. So far we’ve asked for ideas for the early stages of Transition. Now we’re ready to hear from more mature Initiatives.

Transition Network empowers local groups to promote sustainable issues
This piece in The Guardian by Rob Hopkins tells members of Resolve research group how local action is working.

So, what exactly is a Transition enterprise?
Fiona Ward of Transition Network’s REconomy project has tried to answer the question “what would a social enterprise founded on Transition principles be like?


New film: ‘Growing Food Locally’
Transition Forest Row recently produced an excellent 20 minute film called ‘Growing food locally’ which looked at local food initiatives in the area. It focuses on the impact of rising oil prices on food, the community supported agriculture model, allotments, garden share, schools and veg boxes. Now on available on YouTube

Cereals, agroforestry and droughts
An interview with Martin Crawford about the drought in the southeast of England and the implications for the future of farming.

Top of the Crops
A basic guide to growing your own vegetables and fruit in your garden written and illustrated by Graham Burnett and produced by ‘Nurturing Health’, a partnership between Southend in Transition, Milton Community partnership and Spiralseed, with funding from NHS south east. The free guide can be downloaded here


Medicine of the Heart
Charlotte du Cann tells a medicine story. She says that “if I could tell you all the medicine stories I heard in my travelling days I would. Because those stories are about how life turns around just as you think it’s about to end.”

Midsummer Night Tales, Black Silky Knickers and a Black Eye
Twas Midsummer’s Eve and WynnAlice took to the road to collect tales in the great city of London…..

When disaster strikes: looting or love?
Are people on islands nicer to each other because they feel they have to get along? How about Americans or others who live in big countries or cities. Will they start ripping their neighbors to shreds if catastrophe comes?

Nigel in Transition
Is Transition all well-attended events and hugely successful projects? Well no. The concept of ‘celebrating failure’ and being honest about what works and doesn’t work is a key part of it, as is sharing those experiences and the learnings from it. Here is an off-beat film from Hay-on-Wye made in that spirit, as our laconic and reflective host walks us through his experiences of trying to make Transition happen where he lives…


David Fleming’s ‘Lean Logic’ finally sees the light of day
Everyone who knew David before his recent death will have seen one or other iteration of his book, whether it was known as ‘The Lean Economy’ or ‘Lean Logic’, tucked under his arm, adorned with much scribbling and crossing out. Following his death, his family and friends have set to the task of making sure that his life’s work does finally see the light of day
LEAN LOGIC: A Dictionary for the Future and How to Survive It


The Centre for Sustainable Energy are running some free one day workshops for those working with communities on community-led planning for a sustainable future.

Starting Up a Community Reuse and Resource Centre – 13th July
London Permaculture Festival – Sat 16th July
Green Gathering – 28 Jul-1 Aug
Sunrise Off-Grid festival 18-21 Aug
UNCIVILISATION: The Dark Mountain Festival – 19-21 August
and of course the Transition Network Conference 8-10th July

More on these and more

~ EDAPs – why don’t you have one yet?
~ Gadgets after peak oil

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Newsletter Editor: Mike Grenville, from Transition Forest Row
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