LCCN Newsletter – Issue 52

Welcome to the 52nd LCCN newsletter! These come to you regularly with updates on what the Network is doing, other developments and, if you tell us, what you’re doing. We’re keen to find contributors who could send us an update (monthly?) on whats happening in their region that may be of interest elsewhere. Please forward this to anyone who may be interested, reminding them that they can get their own copy

Energy Bill progress – your help needed!
Last week saw some progress towards getting the principles of what we’ve been calling for in the ‘Warm Homes Amendment’ being enshrined included in the Energy Bill. A detailed report is on our site here
Please act on the point below about emailing your MP.

Some key points in summary are:
Committee on Climate Change Report
A significant development last week was the Committee on Climate Change third progress report. A summary is also on our site. This highlighted  the lack of certainty and ambition in the current plans for the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation based on the progress with the Energy Bill.
Specifically, the CCC report noted: “In order to provide more confidence over delivery, we recommend that the Government should build on current proposals by aligning the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) with the ambition to insulate all lofts and cavity walls by 2015, as well as 2 million solid walls by 2020.” This is the CCC very clearly calling on Government to set a firm and ambitious target to provide confidence over the scale of delivery.
Comparing the CCC targets with the Government expectations for the Green Deal/ECO shows how off-track the Government plans are:

  • CCC – between 2012 and 2022: 8.3 million lofts, 5.7 million cavity walls and over 2 million solid walls will be required to meet carbon budgets (Source: CCC third progress report)
  • Govt – between 2012 and 2020: 3.5 – 4.6 million lofts, 1.3 – 3.1 million cavity walls and 1.8 – 2.2 million solid walls with be delivered through the final year of the CERT extension(2012-13) and Green Deal/ECO (2013-2020). Government hasn’t projected beyond 2020. (Sources: CERT Extension Impact Assessment and Green Deal Energy Bill Impact Assessment)
The Government ambition is very clearly not aligned to delivering what is necessary to meet the carbon budgets, especially for loft and cavity wall insulation.Emailing MPs to support the amendmentsWe are asking MPs to add their name to the amendments to increase the pressure on the Government through demonstrating Parliamentary support for an aim linked to carbon budgets and the production of a plan.
PLEASE email your MPs now and ask them to add their name to amendments that ensure the Government has to aim to deliver carbon cuts necessary to meet carbon budgets and produce a plan for how they will deliver it. This e-action will run from now until the day before Report Stage or 19th July – whichever is sooner.
Everything you need is on this site –

Labour ‘prays’ against feed-in tariff regulations
The Labour Party today tabled an EDM praying against the Government’s decision to drastically reduce the Feed-In Tariff for solar installations above 50KW.  EDM 2016 – signed by Ed Miliband, Meg Hillier, Huw Irranca-Davies, Luciana Berger and Rosie Winterton – asks that the Feed-In Tariff modifications be not approved.
Shadow Energy Minister, Huw Irranca-Davies, stated: “Minister Greg Barker’s decision to go ahead with the proposed dramatic Feed-In Tariff reductions for community, school and hospital schemes, is a big blow to British industry and betrays the government’s promise the be ‘the greenest government ever’.  This decision not only risks thousands of jobs in an industry that was beginning to flourish, but shows there is no coherent plan for helping communities to produce green energy.”

To view full information including press from the Renewable Energy Association click here
UK Solar potential new report.
This comes in the light of the recent Ernst and Young UK Solar Outlook report. This said solar had an important role in contributing to renewable energy targets and increasing electricity sector competition.  E&Y said solar could be subsidy free by 2017, with support today.
See – on the Red Tape Challenge
The Red Tape Challenge
Is now looking at sectors in turn and invites the public to suggest how to cut red tape. Coming up are

  • 1 Sep          Environment
  • 27 Oct        Utilities and energy
Winchester Action Against Climate Change have contacted us suggesting that we don’t just look to protect issues (e.g. the Climate Act), but that we should also collect a list of things we want to invite people to suggest – for example, the reduction of red tape in planning law that prevents the installation of PV cells on domestic roofs. Any suggestions to LCCN here and we’ll assemble a list.
We should also keep an eye on what others say in case they suggest binning things we support, eg Climate Change Act; Code for Sustainable Homes.

We all like solar (and wind!)…
… but we’re a lot less happy about nuclear.
A recent world-wide poll by IPSOS MORI shows levels of support for renewables and nuclear in a range of countries. UK support at nuclear is at 48% (but only a quarter of that is ‘strongly supporting’ suggesting that some positive work could have some useful results in terms of changing minds).
To view the presentation slides from the report click here.
Thanks for this to Action for Renewables, who are also campaigning on marine power at:,GSA8,2I2XR8,1DAUR,1
More on this next week.
Protect People Power
Despite saying they support community energy the coalition government has introduced three changes in policies which are making it harder for these projects to get off the ground. You probably know about the changes in the Feed in Tariff, but do you know about changes in the small print of the budget which make it harder to raise finance? Communities for Renewables are campaigning with the support of many organisations, Regen SW, Green Trust, Forum for the Future and Friends of the Earth. Join us by writing to your MP. Its not too late to stop this change. Find out more about it here:
And let us know if you’ve taken part so that we can update you on this campaign.
New publication from Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Anyone interested in the experiences of community organisations controlling assets in the UK may find this very useful:
Community organisations controlling assets: a better understanding

Make July 16th a Zero Carbon Britain Day
Every day…
We do any number of things without being aware of the greenhouse gases that are given off as we do them…

Each morning we have a shower, go downstairs, put on the kettle for a cuppa, the toaster, cooker or microwave. We switch on the radio and any number of hand-held devices, in preparation for the day ahead.

We drive to work, to the shops, to see friends, go to the cinema, club or gym.

We get back home, switch on the lights, watch TV, put on the washing machine and surf the internet without even thinking about the heating being on, the hot water in our taps, the streetlights outside our homes.

We go away for the weekend or take a much-deserved holiday.

For more information click here –
Nottingham’s Green Power Team need help!
We are desperately trying to find funding to continue our very successful Green Power Team project beyond June. Maybe we are too small to be seen but the positive difference we make is too big to be ignored!
We would like to appeal to Nottingham and the rest of the World. Help us fund ‘hope’! Help us through making a donation – no matter how small or big – and forward this appeal to others. £ 10,000 enables us to run the project for 3 months.

The Green Power Team project is a holistic approach designed to help people back into work, gain skills & qualifications and enhance their wellbeing as well as their environment through environmental volunteering. We would like to invite you to become part of our success. Our web page now has a ‘donate’ button. For more info please see:

Building LCCN – your help needed
This newsletter now goes out weekly to more than 600 people and groups, but we’d like to get it to many more. You can help!

If you find the newsletter useful , why not forward it to other people you know, either in your group or within  your network. Let them know it comes out weekly, it’s free and all they have to do to get it is to join the network…by sending an email requesting a membership form to –

Or you can download the membership form by clicking here.
LCCN Facebook page
Please like the Low Carbon Communities facebook page here.
Tell us your stories
We are very keen to get local news – reports, project launches, meetings etc… Send us the details!

Website:                                                          05/07/2011

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