Community energy that is working!

As energy becomes more expensive/valuable it makes sense for each of us to own our own supply of energy.

That might mean putting in solar panels. But it would more efficient if we could club together as a community to build and own a larger energy source.

The village of Hockerton (in Nottinghamshire)’s community-owned wind turbine is already beginning to reap financial rewards for both its shareholders and the village.

Just 18 months after production started, it has just paid out its first interest payment to members of 5%. It has also made money available to the village.

Wouldn’t it be great if the people of Farnham owned a supply of energy, so that the higher the price of gas and electricity went, the more money we would save?

There is some good news for community interest companies following in Sustainable Hockerton’s footsteps: the Government has announced that it will continue to allow community-based renewable energy schemes to qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme:

You can find out more of what Sustainable Hockerton are doing, here have done on their web site and on video here and here:

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