Tuesday 15th Nov: Meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil (APPGOPO)

Next Tuesday, 15th November

Meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil (APPGOPO):

Peak Oil Futures: UK Scenarios up to 2030


Dr Simon Roberts
(ARUP, Associate Director of Foresight & Innovation Group)

Tuesday November 15th – 6.30pm

Committee Room 10, House of Commons

To be followed by Q & A

Dr Roberts’ will speak about his use of the innovative 4see modelling framework, which combines socio, economic and energy aspects of a country in order to formulate physically consistent scenarios 20 years or more into the future.  He will present his latest research findings relating to transport and oil supply, and put forward proactive steps the UK could take to reduce its oil dependency.

The 4see methodology draws on analysis of past Gross Domestic Product and other data to identify and explore the impact of various investment choices. A 4see model is data-driven using official statistics, bringing together economic activity, capital stocks, employment, energy, travel and balance of payments. The model is good for taking onboard trends, handling systemic interactions between sectors and identifying “the big stuff that makes a difference”.

You can register for this event by clicking here

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