Transition Vision Magazine

We have been contacted by one of the founders of a new black and white magazine, ‘Transition Vision’.

“The magazine looks at autobiographical evidence from all strata of global society and then provides editorial comment from a loosely environmental perspective. Sociological, feminist and other perspectives are also included. The general view is sympathetic to permaculture and the establishment of permaculture worldwide. The feel is currently quite academic, but this is slowly changing to something more accessible, in response to continued feedback from contributors and readers.”

The magazine is said to be highly relevant to Transition Initiatives.

The publishers are currently seeking more buyers for issue number 2, in order to fund issue number 3 (for which material already collated for April). The magazine has a circulation of under 300 copies at present, but is attracting increasing interest. They hope to break the 500 barrier for Issue 4, out in August.

The publishers are also seeking more autobiographical evidence, mainly in the form of diaries, and would be particularly interested to hear from diary-writing transitioners.

Issue number 2 is 40 pages long including illustrations and features an Artist’s Statement from Andy White and a rather stunning photocopy of one of his paintings. It also features an interview with a female horse drawn traveller and the the diary of a part time doctor working on issues of sustainability in her home and community.

For more information or to purchase a copy of the magazine, at £4 plus £1 postage and packaging, please contact transitionvisionmagazine [at] gmail [dot] com.

Please note that the publishers would also be immensely greatful for diarists, of all ages aged 5-105, from any walk of life (they don’t have to be sympathetic towards the environment as it is up to the editors to discern underlying themes. However transitioner diarists most welcome.)

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