The People’s Budget

Are you annoyed about how your council or housing association is making cuts or using your taxes/rent badly?

Are you interested in winning the right for local people to have a say in local budgets for building resilience?

We have received the following email from “The People’s budget.”

Billions of pounds of our money is being used by public bodies without any involvement of local people. “The People’s Budget” campaign is about helping you understand how to persuade your local council, health organisation, police force or housing provider to give us a significant say.

When more people are involved in how public money is spent better decisions are made. That’s what Participatory Budgeting is all about. But so far we have only been trusted with pretty small amounts.

Over the coming months we will be working with community, residents and tenants groups to help you win:

  1. Any kind of Participatory Budgeting in my area
  2. Making sure it is repeated again
  3. Participatory Budgeting across the whole authority area
  4. 1% of the budget is decided using Participatory Budgeting

How can you make it happen? First you could help us to organise a workshop for your local group. We have held seven so far (in Dudley, St.Helen’s, Tameside, Leeds, Tyneside, London).

The People’s Budget
We want a say in how our money’s spent

Find out more at
follow the campaign at
join the conversation with other activists at

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