Incredible Surrey Permaculture Network

We have just received this letter.

If you are interested to participate in this exciting and valuable project, there are contact details in the attachment:

“Dear Transition Towns of Surrey,

Hello, we are setting up a Surrey Permaculture Network. We are going to be holding a stand at the Surrey County show on 4th June.

Our mission for the day is to promote all that is good within communities, inspiring people to set up community projects and teach them about the Permaculture principles. We want to provide a support network for people creating their very own community projects and help them build enough momentum so that they can keep spinning on their own.



We would love to link in with the local Transition Networks, help spread the resources of knowledge, ideas, information, energy and all other good things that make life spin a little smoother

In the attachment we have included the funding letter we are sending out to potential sponsors, if anyone knows anyone we can forward this to I would love contacts to make it all happen. The good people of Surrey County Council have offered a small amount but we need to get the total we have up, to make it all possible.

Better together,

I look forward to hearing back

Tim Hopkin”


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