Farnham Air Quality protest, 2 March 2012

Farnham Air Quality Campaign is a group campaigning for Waverley Borough Council to do traffic modelling for improved traffic measures, and for sustainable development in the centre of town etc.  Nitrogen dioxide levels are already very high, especially in the Borough.

Please support a protest on Friday 2 March between 11.00am and 12.00pm.  It is being organised by The Farnham Air Quality Campaign Group, and we need as many people to come as possible.  We are meeting at 11.00am outside 9 Castle Street, or outside the Nationwide B.S. under the arch if it is wet.  It will be televised by BBC TV South and reported on by the Farnham Herald. The Green MEP, Keith Taylor, is coming to the march. 
Please come to this, and bring as may friends as you can.

Here’s some background:



 NO to NO2

What is NO2?

NO2 is nitrogen dioxide.  It’s a gaseous compound that comes from vehicle exhaust fumes.

 And what’s the problem?

NO2 is bad for your health.  It can affect your lungs.  It can affect lung development in young children.  It can be particularly harmful to anyone suffering from asthma.

Why should we be worried in Farnham?

Farnham has too much traffic in the town centre.  Everyone knows that a drive into the town can mean long delays from vehicles queuing nose to tail around our narrow roads.  A lot of us have been stuck in congestion and even total gridlock.  Too much traffic means too many exhaust fumes in the air we breathe.

So what do we know about air pollution in our town?

We know that levels of pollution from NO2 in Farnham town centre are often above government permitted levels.  We know that because there are monitoring points for air quality all around the town.

And what’s being done about it?

The answer is simple – not enough.  Our local councils have the responsibility to act on air pollution but things are not getting better, they may even be getting worse.  This is just not fair. We, in Farnham, have the right to a healthy environment.

So what can you do?

Write, phone, email to your local Surrey and Waverley Councillors and demand that they act now to reduce pollution from traffic in Farnham.  Tell your councillors there must be no more delay on air quality action.  Tell them:


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5 Responses to Farnham Air Quality protest, 2 March 2012

  1. Grace Hearn says:

    Hiya, I was just wondering if I could an email address for the main person that is head of the campaign for ‘Fresh Air for Farnham’? I am a journalism student and would like use this story for one of my assignments and would therefore like some more information on the campaign and protest.

    Hope you can help, Grace Hearn

    • David says:

      Hello Grace,
      We don’t give out email addr’s on the internet but for more info please call Jane on 0 1 2 5 2 7 2 3 0 2 9.

      • Grace Hearn says:

        Ok thank you! What connection does Jane have with the protest, just so I know before I ring.

  2. Robert Thorburn says:

    Perhaps it would be helpful, to integrate this campaign and the slogan “WE DEMAND FRESH AIR FOR FARNHAM” within a movement of people signed up to the pledge to travel on foot, by bike or by bus on journeys into or through Farnham, whenever it is reasonable to do so.

    It sort of goes back to that Gandhi story, where he stops eating any sugar before he brings himself, after a request from a boy’s mother, to ask the boy, for whom sugar consumption has an adverse health effect, to stop eating it.

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