Free Cavity Wall & Loft Insulation for All

Action Surrey in partnership with your local authority and through UK Home Insulations Ltd is now able to offer free insulation for all homeowners or private tenants (with the landlord’s permission). Previously the offer of free insulation was only available to those over 70 or in receipt of benefits, however now insulation is free for all*.

THREE Reasons to insulate your house now!

1. Cavity wall and loft insulation can save you in excess of £300 a year in energy bills** as well as making your house more comfortable to live in. Being warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer!

2. Insulate your house now ready for next winter and ahead of the gas increases that are expected to hit everyone this year.

3. The current subsidy scheme that is now giving insulation free to everyone is due to the change at the end of this year! The current scheme will be replaced by the Government’s Green Deal whereby a loan based scheme will be attached to the property and paid off by savings in the energy bill. Alternatively, homeowners can pay up front but the installation cost either way will be a lot higher than when the free insulation offer has been removed.

Contact Action Surrey today for a free, no obligation survey of your property.

Tel: 0800 783 2503

Struggling to clear your loft? Action Surrey can also help with this too. Your loft could be cleared for free if you are over the age of 70 or in receipt of benefits.

*subject to survey and property size.
** Based upon Energy Saving Trust figures for a gas heated 3 Bed Semi Detached House. Free Insulation does not include extra work such as down light covers, scaffolding, moving items from the loft, insulating water tanks or installing vents. Energy companies currently subsidise insulation to meet energy efficiency targets set by the Government Carbon Energy Reduction Targets.

Sara Winnington
Project Officer for Action Surrey – Surrey’s Low Carbon Community

Mobile:07983 707729
Email:sara [at] actionsurrey [dot] org

26A Commercial Way
Woking, GU21 6EN
Tel: 0800 783 2503

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