“What happens when we run out of oil?” – a talk at Café Sci, Guildford, Mon. 10 Dec 2012

by Chris Rhodes

Across the world, 30 billion barrels of crude oil are produced each year, not only for fuel but to make products ranging from plastics to pharmaceuticals. Nearly all our food also depends entirely on oil.

However, world oil production is set to decline within 5 years. If we continue as we are, Western civilisation will collapse. Our salvation requires a re-adaptation of how we live, from the global to the local; to a world of small communities far less dependent on transportation. Technology will not save us, unless we cut our energy use and particularly our demand for oil.


Meet at The Keystone pub, 3 Portsmouth Road, Guildford at 7pm for 7.30, enjoy a pint, a coffee or an excellent meal cooked on the premises. See also the Café Sci Guildford website.

About the Speaker

Chris has recently spoken to Transition groups and Café Scientifique meetings across southern England.

Chris Rhodes, D.Sc is currently an independent consultant dealing with energy and environment issues and is based in Reading.

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One Response to “What happens when we run out of oil?” – a talk at Café Sci, Guildford, Mon. 10 Dec 2012

  1. rob simpson says:

    I think I’m probably happy to go to this David, largely to put a comfortable distance between myself and the large gathering of fashionistas at Bury Court Barn, just over the hill form me! Are you going, or any other TTFers, together to save on oil?

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