Surrey’s Local Resilience Forum Capabilities Day – 18 May 2013

It’s good to see that Surrey CC is taking Local Resilience, a cornerstone of Transition thinking, seriously:

On Saturday the 18th May 2013 Surrey Local Resilience Forum (SLRF) will be hosting a capabilities day. This day is open to all SLRF organisations and will focus on the role of the voluntary sector during an emergency and will provide an opportunity to understand the capability that Surrey’s Category One and Two Responders and voluntary agencies.

Programme of the day

  • Welcome
  • Interactive presentations and briefings
  • Exhibitions and practical display – attendees will be able to watch demonstrations of the capability that is within Surrey while enjoying a bite to eat
  • Exercise and workshop


To enhance Surrey Local Resilience Forums knowledge and understanding of the capability within Surrey when planning for and responding to an emergency.


Provide a greater understanding of the capabilities of emergency service organisations and voluntary organisations in Surrey in response to specific incident types

  • Raise awareness of SLRF multi-agency groups and plans and determine if voluntary sector capabilities are fully incorporated into the arrangements
  • Identify how the SLRF can better support and engage with the voluntary sector during planning, training and exercising for emergencies
  • Provide more information to SLRF partners about who already has arrangements with different voluntary organisations
  • Surrey Local Resilience Forum – Business Support Group

Who should attend?

This event is for all SLRF members plus Surrey’s responding voluntary organisations and will be specifically aimed at Emergency Planning Officers and tactical officers that input into their organisation planning arrangements.

How do I book on?

If anyone in your organisation is interested in attending the Capabilities day please complete the expression of interest form and return it by 19th April 2013 at the very latest.  A confirmation of your attendance will be returned to you shortly after this date.

Please note that due to the limited capacity of the venue SLRF may not be able to accommodate all that apply. In this case SLRF will contact the relevant organisations to help decide the most appropriate to attend.

If you require any further information please contact Chris Glennie, 020 8541 7720

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