Green Drinks blog:

Our Transition Farnham group meets for informal “green drinks” next Wednesday, 16th October, at the Six Bells pub on Hale Road.
This is a regular monthly chance to talk about transition matters, to hear what initiatives or projects are happening or could happen here: a place to “own” your initiative and share it with others. Be empowered!  
As ever, a lot’s been going on. Energy Alton hosted a talk “ Fract or Fiction” on shale gas fracking. Kathy Smythe (FOE ) and I attended. The talk, by a scientist working for the Environment Agency, was followed by an animated discussion with several speakers strongly putting the case that the gas exploration needed to go ahead because it was our best option buying time to develop alternatives. Other parts of the audience held out against allowing the oil industry to set the agenda for the fracking debate. Kathy argued the case against based on unquantified water use and unrisk-assessed decontamination technologies. The EA spokesman said that water resource would be decisive in issuing permits. No one believes that the politicians will not shift the goal posts on this and not lean on the Agency. And Josh Fox has made a new film GASLANDS 2 .
On the last weekend of September I was invited to the St Albans Transition group to give a talk on Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) at the launch of their own project for a CSA. Glad to say that the day went well for them and they had 40 people at the public meeting, a steering group was set up, farmers offered land and the Mayor of St Albans gave her support. It was interesting to see at first hand another Transition group in operation. They have a quarterly newsletter which lists events and they have a successful Lottery funded Transition Streets initiative. Their website is lively and well designed.
Tom visited Haslemere for their Green Drinks, a lone representative for TTF. I think he has something to tell us about their community wood fuel initiative and that they’ve some film showing plans for the winter. So, bring your news, Tom!
Don’t forget the Farnham Humanists will be hosting their free talk by Dr Peter Stott on Climate Change at 7.30pm in the Hop Blossom pub on Sunday 27th October.
Tomorrow evening the William Cobbett Society are hosting a talk by Michael Buerk on Farnham’s proto-transitioneer. It’s ticketed at £8 in The Maltings Great Hall at 7.00pm
The new edition of Transition Free Press will be available at our Green Drinks.
See you then,

About rob simpson

Social entrepreneur developing Community Supported Agriculture Co-operative in west Surrey, UK.
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