What’s going on? Starting a Green Drinks blog.

Our next monthly Green Drinks is next Wednesday, 18th September, starting 7.30pm at The Six Bells pub, on Hale Road – also on the Scolars Greenway, for those who come by pedal power.I don’t think we’ll be in the garden this time, alas!

The autumn edition of Transition Free Press is in town: I’ve managed to distribute 25 copies to Haslemere and sold a handful in Guildford and Alton. It’s a good read and looks better than ever!

On Monday 9th TTHaslemere hosted a talk – “Live Well-Plate” by WWF staff member, Duncan Williamson, on their Health Diet, Healthy Planet campaign. It turns out that a good diet is also good for the planet, although something of a no-brainer, their team have got together the evidence to substantiate this. Interesting debate afterwards about how behaviour could be changed.
Present also was Francis Gimblett was has developed an amazing concept called Haslemere30Taste Fest . You can find out all about it from the website http://www.haslemere30.co.uk/ The beautiful thing is that this project is replicable, and I’ve asked him if he’ll consider doing it in Farnham next year. So do have a look at the website, this is really something to go to if you can on 28th this month.
TTGuildord had their AGM on Tuesday this week and I must say that they are very well housed in vacant office rooms at East Court, off the top end of the High Street. John Bannister secured access to the office space through a charity called Healthy Planet who support grassroots community initiatives find by finding free office or retail space. TTG are a very small group but seem to be making progress with the Rosamund Trust and starting to get some of the land there under cultivation. A young man turned up who wants to develop an aquaponics demonstration project, I promised I’d put him in touch with Marios Panteli at The Barn, as Marios is convinced aquaponics is the way forward for urban agriculture.
I idled a few hours away later that night filling in the application form for a community group space on https://healthyplanet.org/get-involved/sustainable-community/healthy-spaces I proposed a “swop shop” , a sort of fixed centre freecycle activity creating a sustainable recycling and reusing exchange for Farnham and a high street hub for TTFarnham. I didn’t think much more about it, but on Wednesday I spoke with their office and was told that this was going to be a successful bid: would I go and look around for suitable vacant premises in Farnham and let them know. So, there you are: it worked for Guildford, so chances are it’ll work for us!
I have been building a database of all the TT groups in the South of England and in London. I’ve used it to publicise a regional hub meeting for Community Supported Agriculture being held on 19th October at Tablehurst Farm, Forest Row, Sussex. It has been most interesting looking at 50 odd Transition group websites; there are some really beautiful sites and they are all so amazingly different. It’s inspiring and empowering to see what’s happening. I’ve joined our group up to the SE Transition Network, an online network hub which I thought was going to be abandoned, but it seems not, and now looks quite lively.
Lastly, this week I finished reading Rob Hopkins new book “The Power of Just Doing Stuff: how local action can change the world”. A great little book, very inspiring and full of good project ideas. I do recommend it as a must read. Perhaps it would be an idea if there was a Transition Book Circle, I’d certainly suggest that’s worth a try.
What I should do is put all this into a monthly blog. Yes?

About rob simpson

Social entrepreneur developing Community Supported Agriculture Co-operative in west Surrey, UK.
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