Electric Cars & Vintage Gliders – free show near Alton, 6th Sep

Silent Wings – Silent Wheels

SWSW graphicAt the Gliding Heritage Centre, Lasham Airfield, GU34 5SS on Sunday 6th September 2015, presented by EHDC, Energy Alton and Lasham Gliding Society.

Open to all with free admission.
• See vintage gliders
• Ride in an electric car
• Try out an electric bicycle
• Chat to the electric car owners
• Learn about electric vehicle charge-points

Lifts available from Alton, please call: 07811 462 659
Damian Hinds, MP for East Hampshire, will open the event at 10:30.

Printable poster: SWSW poster

Here’s the press release:

Vintage gliders and modern electric cars will star at an event to highlight the joys and benefits of ‘green’ travel.

The Gliding Heritage Centre and Energy Alton have joined forces to present the best in both old and new forms of sustainable transport and visitors will have the chance to take to the skies in a glider or take a ride in an electric car.

The free Open Day, to be introduced by Damian Hinds MP, takes place on Sunday September 6 between 10.30am to 4.30pm at Lasham Airfield.

Approximately thirty vintage gliders will be on display. Four of these were built in the 1930s together with two 1930 replicas, plus five built in the 1940s.

Glyn Bradney, the secretary of The Gliding Heritage Centre said: “Every plane is very carefully looked after. It’s a labour of love for the GHC members and you’ll be able to see the great majority of the Lasham vintage collection at the Open Day. It’s likely that some will be flying if, fingers crossed, the weather turns out to be kind. ”

Trial flights in Lasham Gliding Society two-seaters – not vintage gliders – will also be available for a charge.

At least ten electric cars will be ready to give passengers a silent and smooth two-mile drive. Visitors can see for themselves the pros and cons of ownership and try out an electric bike.

Steve and Louise Swift, proud owners of a Nissan Leaf, are keen to share their experiences of owning one of these 100% electric cars.

Steve said: “I searched the market for a second-hand model and am absolutely thrilled. And I can charge it for free from my solar panels; how’s that for economy and convenience!”

The owners’ electric cars will be joined by local dealers plus electric bikes.

East Hants District Council (EHDC) is delighted to be supporting the event. Jane Devlin, Energy Strategy Manager at EHDC, said: “Electric vehicles are becoming a real alternative to petrol and diesel cars.

“The Silent Wings Silent Wheels event will help boost the popularity of EVs, and give everyone a chance to get first hand experience of the clean, quiet and smooth ride they offer. Because running costs are minimal: recharging costing just a few pounds, and there is no road tax at all, the council is looking at using electric vehicles to deliver its services. Making the switch means transport-related carbon emissions will be reduced.”

Official site: Energy Alton.

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