Next Green Drinks Tuesday 17th Nov:


Your invitation to Green Drinks with Transition Farnham, this Tuesday, 17th November, 7.30 pm, The Albion,  1 Hale Rd.

 Hi all,

This is to remind you that our next Transition Farnham Green Drinks will kick off at 7.30pm on Tuesday in The Albion! The pub is under new management and appears to be now staffed with a chef, so good food is available.

Responding to events: an interesting discussion on the topic of aquaponics started up this month. To support conversations of this kind – and there are many others possible – I’m going to propose that we create a fb groups page, perhaps moderated (to be discussed). Google groups and Yahoo groups are other options. Email inboxes are not the place! These conversations are very important activities, helping to create vitality, and motivation for action: they should be facilitated as well as we can.

We need a constitution!  The voluntary sector is well supported locally thanks to the excellent staff at VASWS. I’ve had face-to-face conversations with both Carline and Monica this week. They have suggested a simple constitution that would allow us to function like a charity and avoid writing Articles of Association which is the route often used, see   Of course, we have to have to define our purposes as charitable, but in this document we do not have to describe our objectives, though we are not allowed to exceed a £5,000 annual income. Please look at this document and let’s get our skates on! The deadline for FTC grants is Friday 19th December, see FRC would like funding for a promotional campaign.

Our website needs renewing! What is its purpose, who are the audience, what are the calls for action? The shape of Transition in Farnham has changed over the past couple of years and we need a website that acts more like a facilitating hub/resource for emergent initiatives. Let’s look at this as another funding objective and as an opportunity to engage with other skilled people in the local community.

Real World Projects round-up: Farnham Hoppers have their Green BeerFest this Friday 20th November to celebrate their second year of community beer made with hops grown in Farnham! FRC has had a very busy morning today at the URC with over 40 people attending. The Eco-Cinema screened films about food sovereignty on Tuesday and attracted an audience of over 30. David, please tell us about FLF!

Don’t forget the Climate Rally in Alton on the 28th and please support Lee-Anne Lawrance at UCA as she mobilizes students to join the London Climate March on 29th November.

See you on Tuesday at The Albion.  Rob.

About rob simpson

Social entrepreneur developing Community Supported Agriculture Co-operative in west Surrey, UK.
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