This is what they do in Winchester

Paris climate agreement signed

WinACC Chair Tony Stoller writes: “The Paris Accord on climate change is a terrific achievement. For 195 countries to agree that action is essential and urgent is truly encouraging. It reflects the efforts of citizens across the world – including here in Winchester and district – to make it clear to our governments that we expect them to understand and to act.

“Of course, Paris on its own isn’t nearly enough. We all need to continue and redouble our work to make sure that what has been said is now done; at every level, local, national and international. Only then do we have a chance to build on what was agreed in Paris, and see real actions follow fine words.”

So now the work begins

The WinACC website pages on Paris and its outcome are here, You can download the full text from the UN on 12 December here.

Come to our January open meeting

After Paris – what next?
The Paris Climate Conference was just the start. How do we keep up the momentum? A public meeting organised by WinACC and Friends of the Earth.
Tuesday 19 January 2016, 7.30-9.15pm (refreshments from 7.15)
The Winchester Club, Highfield Lodge, Worthy Lane, Winchester, SO23 7AB
This new venue is in the Cattlemarket car park on the corner of Worthy Road and Andover Road, where the car boot sale happens. Bar open.

Join our Cool Communities programme

Join this fun programme and set your own action plan to cut your carbon footprint. Details here.

Building a sustainable District

Read WinACC’s draft submission on the consultation to Local Plan Part 2 here and tell us whether we’ve left anything out, or made any errors. Don’t delay, as we have to submit our final comments to Winchester City Council by noon on 21 December. Please also make your own personal submission, however brief – our page shows you how..


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