Inner Transition Workshop: 19th March



How to face the mess we are in without going crazy

 Joanna Al-Zuhairi invites you to an Active Hope workshop, taking place on Saturday 19 March 2016 at Pucks Oak Barn, The Street, GU3 1EG, in Compton nr. Guildford, from 10 am till 4.30 pm.

This workshop is especially for people who feel demoralized about the state of the Earth. Most will agree that the Earth is suffering and is in dire need of care and attention. Not only abroad but also in the UK we are experiencing floods and storms which are directly or indirectly the result of climate change. Most of us would want to do something about this but feel powerless or burnt out as the task seems unsurmountable.

Certainly each on our own cannot make much difference but by joining forces we can turn the fate of the earth: look what 1 drop of water can do and what a tsunami can do. Together we have a thousand, tens of thousands, a million, billions of hands and eyes. Together we can generate an enormous movement, to ensure that the trees, the great forests, mountains, animals, and all life forms are protected.

This workshop will give you tools to energize, inspire and courage yourself for the task at hand. You will find out that when faced with an impossible challenge we are more than we appear to be and that when we are bold, mighty forces will come our way.

We will be actively working with nature as a co-facilitator. So some of the day will be spent outside.

For a taste of this workshop watch::

The cost for this workshop is £30. For people who are already involved or will soon get involved in ‘saving the Earth’ the cost will be £15; or any amount the person can spare.

Please bring a lunch to share and outdoor clothing.

Application form: 



Email address :

Delete what does not apply: I pay:


£15 : I am involved in voluntary work/intend to get involved in voluntary work

£……. fill in any amount you can afford

I come by car and will pay £3 extra (share this when taking passenger(s))

I come by public transport and need lift from Guildford/ Farncombe (delete) station

Payment: please make cheque out to J. Al-Zuhairi and send it to: 211, Grange Road,

Guildford, Surrey. GU2 9QX:

Contact: Joanna at


When coming from the A3 turn left into The Street and the barn is on the right after St. Nicholas church and just before the pub the Lemon Grass.




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Social entrepreneur developing Community Supported Agriculture Co-operative in west Surrey, UK.
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