It’s Green Drinks on Tuesday 17th May!

Your invitation to Green Drinks with Transition Farnham, this Tuesday, 17th May, 7.30 pm

The Albion,  1 Hale Rd.

 Hi all,

This is to remind you that our next Transition Green Drinks will starts at 7.30pm on Tuesday in The Albion! The pub is a friendly one, family-run and has good food. These gatherings are growing in popularity and our numbers are rising, but we still fit comfortably in one of the snug back rooms.

The meeting on climate change with Jeremy hunt has finally come and gone. Some of you attended and will have stories to regale us with, doubtless. The Herald has reported the meeting in this week’s edition.

Meanwhile, other things have been going on: most significantly Transition Town Farnham is now an official small charity and we’ve taken advantage of our new status to explore the possibility of occupying a vacant retail premises in the to-be-demolished Woolmead. So far on offer is the empty Iceland premises which we are negotiating to occupy subject to contract. We hope to secure this by the end of May. The space is large and our idea is to create a “community hive” which will allow for the incubation of various projects conducive to the Re-Economy of Farnham. We hope we’ll have about 4 – 6 months occupancy on a free rental, but we’ll need to find some set-up funding and sponsorship for running costs.

This is an exciting opportunity to raise the visibility of Transition Farnham and offer a space for the recognition of the wide range of community-building initiatives that Farnham already has.

On a related subject: what about some Transition Training for adults who have recently come on board, or are freshers interested in an introduction to the ideas of the movement?  We did do a weekend training workshop back in 2008; so another, if interest builds as a result of the Hive Project, may be appropriate. Polly Whyte, co-chair of TTSouthampton has contacted us to say that the Hampshire Sustainability Centre, East Meon, would be interested in hosting training courses and networking conferences for the SE Region TT groups and start-ups.  Polly has recently taken up the job of coordinating adult courses at the HSC and is keen for action on this. What do you think, folks? Another strand is to look at the prospect of developing a Youth in Transition programme specifically for and resourced by the SE Region.

Alongside our current projects – Farnham Hoppers, The Repair Café and the Eco-cinema: all of which thrive – we’re imagining what a Farnham local food eco-system might look like. This is early days, but exploratory meetings are ongoing and a workshop with potential stakeholders is planned. As you know FLF is relocating to an excellent new site and creating a local food eco-system would give FLF much better marketing opportunities. So it seems timely to do this now and start to consider Farnham’s foodshed as a defining feature of the town’s bio-region.

On the energy front: M & S have just launched a Community Energy Fund, so this might be a good time to consider launching a Collective Energy Big Switch campaign while the Hive is active this summer. Good Energy might be open to some collaboration and support for the Hive too.

Having just finished reading John Thackara’s new book “How to Thrive in the Next Economy”, I’m smitten with the possibilities of an ebike mass transit system for Farnham! It appears there are huge online ebike communities, eg. is full of keen ebike hackers. Not only that, thanks to the work of Martin Brown, Farnham is now ebike retail capital of the UK, look at  In Scotland there is a cycle hack enterprise, so why not a Farnham Cycle Hack making DIY ebikes for the commuter and shopper? Or, you may prefer to simply fit a Copenhagen Wheel: either way, the sweat of cycling home from the town centre could be a thing of the past, not to say what it does for your carbon footprint – if you’ve made a Big Switch to green electricity!

I’ll post this reminder/newsletter on  The website gets regular posts now and is worth scrolling down to catch up on the monthly Transition Network Newsletter for the UK. There are other posts on events and topics that relate to global disruptors and community-led response.

See you Tuesday at the Albion.



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Social entrepreneur developing Community Supported Agriculture Co-operative in west Surrey, UK.
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