Update on Community Hive project

Hive Project goes into Deep Freeze! There is much irony in a name, did we but know it.

Sadly, three months into a major effort by Transition Town Farnham core group to secure use of a vacant retail premises in The Woolmead, East Street, we have decided that the property is not suitable. Following an electrical survey last month it came as a shock to us that there was no heating available for the premises. The previous tenants, Iceland, used their freezers to provide space heating – very sensible idea as it saved on the installation of any other form of heating. It left us with the considerable additional cost of installing a heating system and this on a temporary basis of six months occupancy. Although we had been able to secure financial backing for normal running costs of the premises, the additional amount required to install a quiet heating system would mean considerable further fund-raising and delaying the project yet again.

The intention of the Community Hive was, and remains, that of establishing an urban hub for Transition Town Farnham somewhere in the central part of the town. We have asked the managing agents of The Woolmead if there are other smaller premises with services still connected that might be available to us. On the basis of the work done it would be a fairly simple matter to agree on the same terms given suitable condition of the property.

This is where we stand at present: our practical ideas regarding the use of a suitable property remain very much those that we have developed in relation to the old Iceland premises. Though adapted to a smaller space we still hope to offer a Yo-Homies social workspace for digital homeworkers. At other times the hub becomes a flexible open-space for arts based engagement with Farnham in transition and for TED style talks and LED workshops.

Local artists have already expressed interest and a start-up group called Collabor-8 has been formed. In the meanwhile a Collabor-8 facebook group will be holding this initiative.

If you are interested in either project, Yo-Homies or Collabor-8, please add a comment here and Angela (for Collabor-8) or Chris (for Yo-Homies) will contact you.



About rob simpson

Social entrepreneur developing Community Supported Agriculture Co-operative in west Surrey, UK.
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