Green Drinks – W(h)ither Transition?

Your invitation to Green Drinks with Transition Farnham, next Tuesday, 15th November, 7.30 pm

The Albion, 1 Hale Rd.

Hi all,

W(h)ither Transition?

Please come along to this month’s Green Drinks as we need to have a full discussion about how Transition Farnham goes forward into 2017.

Although the Hive project is not going to happen now, we have, in the process, re-structured TTF as a Small Charity. This does not mean we are a registered charity, but simply that we are a properly constituted community group, and as such able to apply for grants. Our accounts are in good order, thanks to Chris Holmes, and we have a properly functioning account with Lloyds Bank.

So we now need you to help us explore how you think TTF could best deliver on our Transition objectives for Farnham.

Please come along: the future of Transition Town Farnham is in your hands!

Read the latest Network Newsletter for a handle on what threads we might take up in discussion next week.

See you there,



About rob simpson

Social entrepreneur developing Community Supported Agriculture Co-operative in west Surrey, UK.
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