Transition Farnham

Transition Town Farnham is a community-led organisation, working to build a stronger and more vibrant community in and around Farnham.

We focus on implementing real projects now that improve our lives today.

We look ahead to prepare ourselves for the challenges that our community is likely to face in the future.

And we work to inform and involve others in our town, so that they can take the steps that are right for them.

What we are doing:

Our current and planned projects are listed on the “What’s Going On” page.

Our vision for 2020 and our overall plan for how to get there are documented here. This includes a summary from an earlier meeting of how we will achieve success.

And we have worked together to define guidelines for how we work together as a team. And how we spend our group funds.

We have summarised this, plus a lot of the key events/learning from the first six months, into our new Welcome Pack.

We meet most Monday evenings, and a list of the times and locations of our meetings can be found on the Contact page.

Examples of what others have done:

Around the world there are more than 70(Sep’08), 100(Oct), 114(Nov), 134 (Feb 2009), 205 (Aug 2009), 275 (Feb 2010) official Transition Initiatives and the number is growing fast.

Farnham became official in April 2009 (number 156).

We know that if we act together now, we can learn from each other and build a life and local economy that is more vibrant, more sustainable, more prosperous and more fun.

We are deciding for ourselves what we want to do in Farnham. But some of the things that others have done include growing more food locally, clubbing-together to get discounts on solar heating and insulation, asking school children to think about what their world will be like in 30 years time (‘post-oil’), and even launching a local currency.

Two well-established Transition Towns that have done these things and more areTransition Totnes in south Devon (where it all started), and Transition Lewes (which is a leading example in the South East). Transition Stroud is another leading example in the west of England.

There are also Transition Town initiatives starting in GodalmingHaslemereDorking,Horsham, …


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