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4 Responses to Contact

  1. chorlow says:

    I’ve tried to put something onto the homepage using my account. There seems to be no publishing edit immediately option, only a Submit for Review button. Is this some form of moderation? From what I remember it was so simple posting on the website. Can you advise. Thanks. Robert.

    • Finn Jackson says:

      Hi Robert,
      I have fixed the problem, published the posts for you, and changed your User type.
      You were set as “Contributor” which meant that posts had to be authorised by one of the admins. I have changed this to “Author” which means that you will be able to post in future, clicking the blue ‘Publish’ button (rather than “Submit” for approval).

      I don’t know how this situation came about, apologies for it, and I hope I am not stepping on any of the other Admins’ toes by sorting this quickly, as I have seen it.


  2. Lucy says:

    Hello, I thought this news article may be of interest to your readers. This new website recently partnered with a small business in your area and is looking for local businesses to join…

    Small Dorking business joins UK’s first ever intelligent gift search engine has launched across the UK, just in time for Christmas and has chosen a small local business to join them. 15gifts matches your friends and family to 15 completely tailored and inspirational gift ideas from the very best online stores, whether they’re well-known brands or one-man businesses, and they’re looking for more…

    Battling through Dorking for late night shopping or jostling through a Christmas market… whether you love it or hate it, Christmas shopping is time consuming at the best of times, and with nearly a quarter of working people in the UK planning to take annual leave to do their Christmas shopping this year, it’s no surprise that many of us choose to buy presents online. But with most online searches showing only the biggest brands and most popular gifts, some of the best small businesses hardly get a look in.

    15gifts founder, Tom Cox, thinks it’s about time these ‘under-sung’ businesses should be put on an equal footing with big names such as the Tate Gallery and Red Letter Days. “We recognize that the perfect gift could just as much come from a household name as an un-known artist. So long as they offer genuinely good gifts and great service, they’re invited to join 15gifts”.

    Of the first 75 discerning retailers chosen to launch 15gifts, Dorking based company, Penwizard, was amongst those invited to join. 15gifts loved their unique products, such as their personalized book collection – the sort of gifts you might only discover by trawling through the internet for hours, or stumble across by accident.

    “ is totally unique in that it’s completely unbiased and is powered by the people who use it. Our engine learns about the friends and family you buy for and then uses the likes and dislikes of similar people to find you just 15 perfectly tailored suggestions to choose from, based on the suitability of the gift, rather than the popularity of the retailer” says Tom.

    By hand-picking the most desirable items from each shop, and employing the sophisticated learning engine behind the site, has created a ground breaking resource for finding the perfect gift.

    You can use 15gifts right now to find gifts for your friends and family, or if you think your business should be part of, you can submit your company through the ‘contact us’ page.

  3. Lewis says:

    Hello there, I’m a fellow transitioner who has just landed a wonderful job planting community orchards in schools. There are two schools close to Farnham who will be undertaking this four year project. One of the aims is to involve the community to raise awareness about the importance of local food and to celebrate local food and community. I will certainly be aiming to bring peak oil and climate change into my teachings around this project at the school, and hope that Transition Farnham will be keen to get involved with the participating schools. For more information about this project and the schools involved please contact me. Lewis

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