What’s Going On

We have now divided “What’s Going On” into four sections:

  1. Current projects
  2. Related projects
  3. Possible Future Projects
  4. Past projects

One of the great things about the Transition Movement is its focus on creating positive visions: defining and building the kind of world we want to live in.

After two years of Transition here in Farnham, our reflection and learning has been that we are all on our own individual ‘Transitions’.

Being part of Transition Town Farnham has been hugely beneficial to many of us, in different ways:

  • some of us started keeping chickens and growing our own veg
  • one of us started living in a yurt
  • one of us quit her corporate job and started an MSc in Sustainability (completing late 2011)
  • One of us gained a certificate in Permaculture Design
  • One built a permaculture garden
  • One person started a sustainable landscape design company and also ran training in growing food, at the Adult Education Centre
  • Two people have moved to the village of Cern Abbas in Dorset, one has moved back to the USA and another back to New Zealand
  • We have formed friendships and links with each other and other people in Farnham, that would not have happened without the Transition Movement.

As we look back over the two years we have achieved a lot, and the world has moved on. The price of petrol has gone up by over 50% (80p to £1.20+) and what were once ‘Transition’ issues have now become far more mainstream. Climate Change is now being reported by Newsweek as a ‘harrowing future’. Energy issues are being hotly debated, especially in relation to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Germany’s decision to close all nuclear plants by 2022 and replace them with renewable energy generation, and the UK’s own approaching energy gap, due in 2015.

These continue to be issues that we will all have to face, and it is for each of us as individuals and as members of different organisations, to work out how we are going to be affected, and what to do about it.

This website can help you find out more.


1 Response to What’s Going On

  1. Taff says:

    Metal Monkey Mayhem at Badshot Lea, 31 May 2009

    Public space art with real pouring molten metal! An audience of several hundred local spectators neatly corralled behind taped barriers as the scrap cast iron, coke and limestone were loaded into the top of Scrapnik, the strangely space-age looking continuous-pour blast furnace. And then ‘the pour’, as molten iron flows into crucibles and is poured into the waiting moulds, made earlier by the participants and local schoolchildren. It sounds wonderful but was it?¬

    Farnham needs to think hard about using two 47kg propane cylinders, unnumbered buckets of coke (almost pure carbon) and unspecified quantities of non-recyclable material for the moulds. I may be unpopular with some my artier colleagues at Transition Town Farnham but, even if we only used one of the Propane cylinders, that produces a carbon footprint of well over 200kg when the carbon dioxide from the coke is included. And that excludes the footprint from the production of the two fuels.

    The blue and black smoke from the furnace, loaded with heavy metals and other toxins, conveniently blew West, away from the audience at the Badshot Lea community centre but over Squires Garden Centre and across the last remaining unspoilt meadow of the former Runfold Farm, immediately across the road. We have a seriously unsustainable picture emerging. Should polluting heavy industry, for that is what it is, be allowed in this area? Was it a one-off? We shall see.

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