Greenway Logo

The streets of Farnham were really not built for cars and with 21st Century traffic volumes the town centre is clogged up, noisy and, for the more vulnerable, intimidating.  This is where Greenways, routes with little or no motorised traffic, come in.

Farnham Greenways is a community-led initiative which has devised, and is promoting,  a strategic network of routes to support the personal mobility of pedestrian, cyclist and disabled users.  As part of a package of other transport changes, a Greenway network would help reduce Farnham’s fossil fuel dependence and greenhouse gas emissions.  Use the links below to learn more:

The routes

The Farnham Greenway network is based around two cross-town routes: the Weyside Greenway and the Scholars Greenway. To see the routes in Google maps, just click on the icons below. .

Weyside Greenway in Google Earth Follows the line of the River Wey meeting the needs for both a riverside walk and National Cycle Route 22.

View Scholars Greenway in Google Earth

Centred on Farnham Park, this Greenway runs from West Street to Weybourne, connecting three schools, the UCA and Disability Challenger campuses.


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