Grow Your Own Vegetables

Transition Town Farnham is delighted to be associated with Farnham Local Food. FLF is now growing locally for the 2014 season and invites local people to join the fun, learn how to grow their own food and share in the produce.

gayle-1With rising fuel prices causing food prices to soar it will become increasingly important to build resilience within local communities. As during the food shortages of World War 2, it will be important to know how to ‘grow your own’, using little by way of inputs other than what is naturally around.

But organic gardening is nothing new. It is how people grew food for thousands of years. It is only recently that oil based fertilisers and pesticides have been used in commercial and domestic situations.

gayle-2The benefits of learning to grow co-operatively include:

> an appreciation of how food is produced
gayle-3> improved access to healthy, affordable food
> improvement of physical and mental health as a result of regular outdoor activity, and contact with nature
> preservation of green space in urban areas with benefits for wildlife
> the sense of achievement and empowerment in gaining new skills or developing existing ones
> getting to know your neighbours, sharing resources, sharing produce, sharing skills
> environmental benefits as climate change adds an increasingly urgent pressure for us to rethink our current food and farming system.

Or you can contact Farnham Local Food on 0843 557 1569 or at their web site:


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