The aim of this project is to talk about Transition to as many Farnham groups and people as possible.

The aim of each conversation is to make people aware of the changes that are coming and what we as Transition Farnham are doing, so that the people we are talking to then decide to do whatever is right for them.

How to Get Involved:

If you are member of a group that would like us to come and speak to you, please contact us.

Why this matters:

The more people are aware of the challenges we face from climate change and peak oil, and the more people are aware of the positive opportunities that the Transition approach brings, the more people will choose to act to create the sort of future they want.

The more resilient Farnham will then become.

No individual, no single family, no single business or organisation can be resilient by itself. We only become resilient together, by forming links with others.

What we are doing:

We are contacting the groups and organisations that already exist in Farnham, to help them understand what is coming and what they can do about it.

Here is where we have got to:

Organisation How to Contact Who When
Businesses Sainsbury’sAtkins



Other Networking groups

Rotary Club


Chamber of Commerce

Council list?

Cian has list also

BT Aldershot


Atkins – Bysh & FinnCian has details of BNI


Rotary – Gayle/Alex?

SEP Finn, in April

BT – Paula


Atkins in progressHSBC done.
Commuters Station platform Article in Metro newspaper??Or leaflet – Joyce, Nicci, Eloise

Need slogan??

School Teachers Either head teacher or by recommendation from one school to the next
Secondary Schools: All Hallows Catholic School
Farnham Heath End School Chris to kids.
Frensham Heights School
More House School
The Abbey School
The Ridgeway Community School
Three Counties School
Weydon School Finn, Alex Anne Guinea is contacting Site Manager and Head
Primary Schools: Barfield School
Bentley Church of England Primary School
Crondall Primary School
Hale School Chris to Head.
Potters Gate CofE Primary School
Rowledge Church of England Controlled Primary School
South Farnham Community Junior School John
St Peter’s CofE Primary School
St Polycarp’s Catholic Primary School, Farnham Cian
The Pilgrims’ Way Primary School
The Ridgeway Community School
Waverley Abbey Junior School
William Cobbett Junior School
School Children Peak oil presentation, Transition Tales Chris & Alex
School Parents Via schools
UCCA Finn speaking on 11 March Finn 11 March
Sixth form colleges All Hallows – Gayle6th Form – Gayle After half termAfter
Community groups Scouts? Lions?
Councillors Alex has list
Rural Life Centre
Farnham Theatre Association Abigail after end-Feb.
General public Film showings???Carnival

Fairy Festival

Waverley RangerFarnham Park Gayle Gayle After half term
Network Farnhamhttp://www.network


Farnham Fairtrade Action Network
Churches Together Network Finn to draft email to Jane who will forward
Library Via contacts already made for Farnham Garden Share
The Maltings Gavin Stride Finn Talked 6.2.09.
VERY supportive.
Charity Shops ???
The Police Rob Rob
Retired People U3A, Help the Aged?Residents Associations?? (see below)
Residents Associations:North West
Farnham RA*

Folly Hill RA

Bourne RA *

Bourne and Lower
Bourne RA

South Farnham RA (SOFRA)*

Rowledge RA*

Chantrys Community Association*

Castle Street RA

Frensham Heights RA

Gong Hill Drive RA

Sandy Hill RA*

South Farnham Park RA

South Dockenfield RA

Tilford Road RA

West Street RA

Wrecclesham & District RA*

Wrecclesham Village Society (local community action group)

* Contact details known

Some of these RAs are quite sophisticated, eg. SOFRA at http://www.sofra.

? John will enquire about Castle Street RA ?

Related links:



1 Response to Outreach

  1. This is a fabulous start to what is going to be a great year.

    The 6th form Colleges – All Hallows has it’s own 6th form – provide a great opportunity with courses in Tourism, Geography and Biology all offering curriculum links with Transition’s main themes, and with students at an idealistic age, keen to make a better job of it than their parents did.

    I will talk to Farnham College about how they would like us (TTF) to approach them, see how that goes and then follow up with All Hallows.

    There are also a wealth of other training providers locally who need to be ‘on the list’. I will track them down.

    The other person I have contacted already is the new Waverley Ranger at Farnham Park. He is very interested in what’s going on locally and with his out-reach mandate could get the Transition message out on on our behalf. I have offered to work with him as he gets into his programme.

    Keep up the good work Finn!


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