Clothes Swap Party

WHEN: Thursday 5th March, 2009, 5.30-8pm.

WHERE: Purity Eco-Boutique, 20 Downing Street, Farnham, Surrey GU7 7PB

WHAT TO BRING: 2-5 garments in good condition. A bag to carry your new clothes home in. £5 (any proceeds will go to Liberty Foundation. Don’t worry, the clothes won’t all be size 8.

JUST LADIES EH?: Yes, this time. We’re hoping to do more with different themes so watch out for kids clothes and other themes. Even better, suggest one.

Purity Eco-Boutique

Purity Eco-Boutique

clothes swap party

Eloise Grey from Transition Town Farnham has got together with Paula Beaumont from Purity boutique and stylist, Chantelle Znideric to host the first of many sustainable fashion events.

WHY? Because you can dress sustainably, wear clothes that look good on you, keep to a budget, have a good time and meet other people.

WHAT HAPPENS? Get to Purity for 5.30 with your clothes. Phase 1:  all the clothes are hung up for viewing. Phase 2: you can try them on but no taking. Phase 3: You can start the swap (one at a time!) and you may be able to have seconds. Help will be on hand for ‘does this look good on me?’ feedback and general smooth-running.

HOW DO I BOOK? Spaces are limited so it’s a good idea to reserve your place. Call Paula at Purity on 01252 820055, email Eloise at or use the Facebook event page.

Farnham Sustainable Style Group

Farnham Sustainable Style Group

Check out the Farnham Sustainable Style Group on Facebook and join in.


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