Eco Renovations – making existing homes more sustainable

Did you know that Britain’s 26m homes are responsible for 27% of the UK’s emissions?

This page is all about how the ‘man-on-the-street’ can make small ‘eco’ changes to our homes, at very little cost.

I plan to write about what can be done, and when I have done it write about my experiences:

> Was it easy to install?

> Did I save any money?

> Is it easy to maintain?

> Did it make a difference to my lifestyle?

Over time this page will build into a resource with ideas and ‘how-tos’ for things we could all do in Farnham, and whether they’re worth it or not!


Heating and Insulation


Useful Links

Green Your Home – from the Guardian Newspaper. Contains eco-renovation blogs. Interesting read.

The Great British Refurb – National Campaign supported by the WWF, UK Green Building Council, The Energy Saving Trust and Grand Designs Magazine.


3 Responses to Eco Renovations – making existing homes more sustainable

  1. Hey Paula!

    It was so good to meet you today at the Maltings. You’ve inspired me now and I’m going to have to get myself into gear for studying and sorting my new life out! How exciting is that!

    What groups etc do you recommend I join for good sources of information? I’m feeling a little sponge like at the moment, so I need to take advantage of my brain actually wanting to do some work.

    I’d also like to know if you have a website for your pottery, or if you can send me some pics, I’d love to know what you make and what inspires you.

    I’m absolutely shattered right now, but am looking forward to reading everything on this website when I have time.

    Best wishes
    Sally x

  2. Casper says:

    Hello Paula,
    Did you know there is currently a Technology Strategy Board competition called “Retrofit for the Future”? It has funding to make demonstrator Housing Association home eco retrofits. Dealine is 24th June, but there will probably be more competitions like it in the near future.
    PS Today I have been testing out DIY solar thermal myself – a 1L bottle of tap water sitting in the sun, started at 15.5oC and within an hour went up to 25oC, it finally reached 36oC early pm. Amazing.

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