This page focuses on what you can do to help conserve water.

The WaterTwo

The WaterTwo is a neat little device that allows you to choose whether your waste bath water goes down the drain or into a water-butt. Below are two pictures of the WaterTwo in-situ on my bath waste water pipe.


Close up of the Water Two on the waste pipe


The Water Two

The WaterTwo claims it is fairly easy to self-install (although very basic instructions are included). I used a local plumber as my waste pipe needed to be extended to fit it in comfortably. Friendly plumber also installed some access points (seen above and below) to allow for easy cleaning.

The only problem I had was finding a bit of hose pipe that would fit over the water outlet, as it needs a 3/4″ pipe. We went to a local garden centre that sells aquariums and fish ponds, and found that you can buy pipe of this diameter by the meter off a roll.

water_two_installed (Small)

Grey Water recycling in action

The device itself is fairly unobtrusive on the side of the house, but in order to divert the water you have to be outside. Not a problem, but does mean you have to remember NOT to let the water out of the bath once you have finished until you have been outside and set the diverter to ‘on’.

water_Two_installed2 (Small)

Wall-mounted water butt

You will save money by using the WaterTwo to recycle your grey water if you are on a metred supply. Although I am not yet on a metered supply (because I am on a shared-supply, I am told I am on ‘the waiting list’) I decided that I shouldn’t only try to save water for the purpose of saving money. After all, my ultimate aim is to conserve potable water.

You should note that this water should only really be used for watering plants, not vegetables. Although I only use eco-friendly cleansing products and shampoo, I still don’t fancy eating soapy carrots 🙂 You should also wait for the water to cool before using it, and don’t leave it sitting in the water-butt for too long – use it!

The ShowerSmart

My ShowerSmart (which is currently being given away free to every household) has finally turned up. The Eaga ShowerSmart regulates the flow rate of the shower, which means you save water, and the energy used to heat it.


The ShowerSmart

Was it easy to install? After one failed attempt, and getting a face full of water, the ShowerSmart was extremely easy to install. Simply unscrew your current shower fitment, insert ShowerSmart, and re-attach the shower hose. Simple.

Warning: The ShowerSmart is only suitable for non-electric mixer showers or bath/shower mixer taps.


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