Energy Independence for Farnham

What’s it all about?

Two things really, energy efficiency (use as little as is practicable) and then for what heat and electricity you do use, generate it locally, from renewable resources.

Farnham is wonderfully situated in the most wooded county in the UK, and so biomass (wood chip / wood pellet) is a great fuel choice for both heating and generating electricity. Other options include:

> Solar hot water – great for individual houses

> Solar electricity generation (PV panels) – now coming down in price and becoming affordable for many

> Ground source heat pumps – the earth is at a nice fairly constant temperature, we can extract some of that heat

> Air source heat pumps – basically reversible air conditioners, get about 4 units of heat out for 1 unit of electricity in

> Micro Hydro – the original power for many towns in the UK – useful if you are beside a reasonably sized river… like the Wey…

What are we looking for?

Projects – from small single house projects to district heat schemes and electricity generation for villages and towns.

So do you know anyone who is:

Small Projects:

Installing solar hot water, solar PV panels, wind turbines, ground or air source heat pumps on their house?

Making their home more efficient by adding loft/wall insulation

Check out

Medium Projects:

A part of a local Church, School, Community Hall or Leisure centre that need to replace old boilers? Can we investigate using renewable solutions for generating heat or power?

Larger Projects:

Community district heat schemes – either new developments in planning stage, or a group of residents in existing homes who would like to become energy independent – save money and be green? It works in Scandinavia and many other european countries, it can work here too!

Local power generation, from a collection of 10 houses to a whole town or village – local electricity generation (the way it used to be in the early days of electricity) makes a lot of sense and “future proofs” your locality and secures it from wildly fluctuating oil and gas prices.

If you have any knowledge of a project that could use our help (we have a few engineers and other useful folks willing to lend a helping had to get these projects moving among us) then just email me at cian.duggan [at] gmail [dot] com

Look forward to hearing from you!


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