Transition at Farnham Sustainability Festival

Here are pics of our show at the Festival. David brought Big Foot along to get people interested in Population Matters. In the tent we had boards displaying our two new initiatives: Farnham Climate Emergency and Homes for Farnham. It was a very busy day; this shows one of the few quiet moments so you can see the displays clearly. We also promoted the relaunch of our monthly Green Drinks at The Albion. We now have over 130 signatories to the Petition (we need a 1,000) and sufficient interest in Homes for Farnham to set up a pioneer group.

Tent with Big Foot

David canvassing for Population Matters
David with Big Foot
Homes for Farnham attracted a lot of interest
In the sunshine!

There are pdfs of the board displays on the Farnham Climate Emergency and Homes for Farnham webpages on this site. Each pdf presents a key website link to let you explore further and get better informed.

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Farnham Climate Emergency

Here you can find the petition calling on Farnham Town Council to declare a Climate Emergency

This is what the petition says:

It is now clear that the world has less than 12 years to switch away from fossil fuels to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Reducing energy use and switching to clean energy will also increase energy security, improve air quality, minimise fuel poverty, boost the local economy and provide jobs and training.

It is proposed that Farnham Town Council declares a climate emergency and commits to going carbon neutral by 2030. This will help to raise the profile of this vital issue and secure external support and funding. It is also proposed that Farnham Town Council also signs up to the Covenant of Mayors to track our progress and link with towns around the world who are cutting emissions.

We, the undersigned, call on Farnham Town Council:

1. To declare a “Climate Emergency”.
2. Pledge to make Farnham carbon neutral by 2030.
3. Call on Westminster to provide the powers and resources to make the 2030 target possible.
4. Sign up to the Covenant of Mayors.
5. Develop a detailed plan of action and report back in six months with an update on the actions being taken to address this emergency.

Please sign the petition if you are a resident of Farnham

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Register with Eventbrite

Register with Eventbrite for your place at this free launch event for Extinction Rebellion Farnham, here’s the Eventbrite link

XR Farnham has a facebook page for public comms at

You can join the online group at



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Extinction Rebellion Talk at The Maltings


This a free public talk, please invite anyone you think will be interested to hear our two speaker activists give their account of what Extinction Rebellion is all about.

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Population and Climate Change: More Feet = More Emitters

Talk by David Hepper of Population Matters

Thursday 24th January at 1900 in the Council Chamber of GBC Millmead Offices, Millmead, Guildford GU2 4BE.

David comments on his talk “that in discussions of man-made climate change some commentators either make soothing noises to discount the effects of ever-rising global population or wave their hands in the air as if the problem is too hard or too politically sensitive to be faced. Others find this a cop-out”. David Hepper’s talk will look at ways of reducing our individual carbon footprints through various kinds of “green living”, before proposing acceptable national and international policies that can help to defuse the “population bomb”.

boy smiling in rain

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Our SuperHome Retrofit for Energy Efficiency

Talk by Dr Tom Lankester

Wednesday 16th January 2019

7.30 – 9.30 pm at Alton Community Centre

Amery Street, GU34 1HN

Tom's SuperHome retrofit

When Tom and his wife bought their house in Farnham in 1997, they wanted to see what could be done with a fairly standard 80s “box”.  They have achieved significant reductions in carbon emissions and improved comfort too.  Come and find out how they did it!

All welcome.  Free entry.  Bar.

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Re-inventing Transition in Farnham

Informal Lunch time chats at The Spire Cafe, South Street, through months of January and February.

Where can Farnham go in the 2020s? How can the concept of transition and localisation be taken forward? How are they relevant to building a vibrant future for Farnham?

We’ll be at the cafe from 12 noon – 2.00pm on the 9th & 23rd Jan and the 6th & 20th February. Come and join us for an informal, unscripted chat over lunch.

For more information, contact:  Rob 07796 176086 or Guy 07425 193847

We hope to initiate a process that will allow us to recognise emerging needs in Farnham and then to empower us to imagine positive, community-led ways to respond.

Framing this process in the context of transition and localisation enables us to move from one pattern of growth to another: to make a control shift from transactional values to more transformational ones where individual flourishing for all is the defining feature of a vibrant community.





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